Updated electrical inspections regimes in the EU: look at the new maps!

FEEDS recently updated its reference document on “Domestic Electrical Inspections Regimes In The EU“. In this January 2024 version, you will find not only revised information about countries in the EU but also new information about non-EU counties which are our close neighbours: Norway, Switzerland and UK, because we think that all best practices are good to learn!

And this is how it looks now for the initial verification of domestic electrical installations:

And for the inspections of existing domestic electrical installations:

For a more detailed information related to countries, you can consult the full report:

Despite some changes have been bring to this new edition, the conclusion remains the same: the situation varies strongly from a country to another one and there are still a lot to do to improve the situation. The new EPBD implementation is a primary opportunity for Member States to develop adequate domestic electrical inspections regimes!

FEEDS would like to thank EuropeOn for the help given to improve the mapping and, as the situation is not yet known in certain countries, any help would be welcome, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have information to share on that topic.