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The very infrastructure many call ‘home’ is endangered by obsolete electrical installations, while 50% of accidental residential fires have an electrical source. The furniture and mattresses can become an inadvertent risk, limiting the escape time in the event of a fire, depending on their flammability, and are involved in 25% of fatal fires. Even basic preventive measures like smoke alarms aren’t as ubiquitous as they should be, with only 2/3 of Member States requiring their installation in homes. A significant segment of the population is also trapped in dilapidated homes that are unfit for habitation and at higher fire risk.

👉 In 2024, more than 400 million citizens from across the European Union will have the opportunity to elect their representatives in the European Parliament and shape the agenda for the rest of the decade.

These EU citizens spend 90% of their time in buildings, at home, at work or for other activities, in their home country or in other EU Member States in which they freely travel for work, studies or tourism. They expect to be equally protected from fires in any European building. The Keep EU Fire Safe campaign is a joint call for the European institutions to prioritize fire safety in buildings and to develop and promote a consistent strategy with Member States for the fire safety of people in buildings.

Visit the campaign website calling for a European Strategy:

FEEDS has already cosigned the Manifesto, which is at the core of the campaign, together with 17 other organisations. So far, the campaign has received the support of 10 MEPs and 7 stakeholders as well as many testimonials.

You can be part of this momentum, in favor of greater fire safety in buildings in Europe, by supporting the manifesto: