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EPBD implementation guidelines: recommendations on electrical safety

“Inspections regimes can be implemented through fire safety provisions”

EPBD implementation guidelines: recommendations on electrical safety
May 2024


For years FEEDS has worked on electrical safety, not only by establishing a complete picture of the situation in the EU but also by promoting a certain number of key recommendations and advice.

This work can constitute valuable assistance in the development of guidelines related to fire safety within the framework of the new Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD): many placeholders are likely to host positive input in favour of inspections and increased attention on electrical installations.

In that respect, the document provides comprehensive explanations about where and how electrical safety can be integrated into EPBD implementation guidelines: Energy Performance Certificatesone-stop shopsRenovation PassportDigital Building Logbook and of course National Building Renovation Plans (among others) are all opportunities to act in favour of better safety of domestic electrical installations.