Theresa Griffin

Theresa is a former Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for North West England (2014 to 2020), during which time she was strongly involved in Fire Safety and Energy Poverty and was very supportive of FEEDS concerns. She now brings her experience to the Forum to amplify its voice in a context where legislative processes, boosted by the Energy Transition, have never been so crucial for the safety of all citizens.


Anne Lucet-Dallongeville

A consumer and tenant rights activist since 2003 at local, national, European and international level, Anne has long been involved in a French multi-stakeholder Working Group dealing with electrical safety at home.
She learned from this experience that residential fire safety rests at least as much on prevention than on fire-resistant buildings and that effective firefighting measures must also start by ensuring safe electrical installations.
Together with inhabitants’ and citizens’ associations, as FEEDS Vice-Chair Anne now aims to promote fire safety through prevention at EU level in the current context of energy performance improvement.


Krzysztof Biskup

Krzysztof is chair of the European Fire Safety Alliance since September 2021. He holds a master degree in fire protection engineering. Krzysztof has served as a career firefighter for the State Fire Service in Poland for 30 years. As a former Deputy Commandant of the Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw and the Director of the Training Department in the National Headquarters of the State Fire Service he has a long term experience in the training of emergency services. Throughout his career, he also dealt with fire safety research and products certification, holding the position of the Deputy Director of the Research Institute for Fire Protection. Krzysztof was an initiator and the coordinator of the systemic solutions in the field of community fire safety in Poland.

Coordinator of the secretariat

Olivier Tissot

Olivier is Manager, Green & Healthy Buildings at the European Copper Institute (ECI). Holder of a scientific doctorate, Olivier has been working for more than 20 years for the Copper Alliance Network. Director of the French Copper Development Association until 2015, he is now working at ECI, covering topics dealing with environmental data, digitalisation and safety. He lead the electrical safety campaign in France for 15 years and he is bringing this expertise to the FEEDS since 2017.

Electrical safety expert

Benoît Dôme

Benoît was born in 1960. He graduated in building engineering in 1985; this was complemented with a diploma in economics, trades and financial science. He was director of the Copper Benelux and later worked for European Copper Institute with a focus on Environmental Cable Sizing, Electrical Safety in Europe via FEEDS and worldwide via FISUEL. He developed the World Safety Barometer as well as the World Electrical Safety Dataset. He was also largely involved in the development of slum electrification Worldwide more the pilot project for Safe and Efficient Access to Electricity in peri-urban areas in Sub- Saharan Africa. As consultant, he now works for the FEEDS initiative.