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We want the fire not to start

FEEDS estimates that 25 to 30% of domestic fires have an electrical source and this is recognised as a predominant source of fires.

Unlike other sources: cigarettes, candles or carelessness for instance, these fires are preventable by technical buildings measures. These measures mainly consist of keeping electrical installations up to date and adapted to the uses. It is not the case for about 132 millions of electrical installations in the EU which are obsolete. This represents half of the building stock!

Such a result is the consequence of the aging of electrical installations. For instance they can be impacted by higher electrical loads like heat pumps, photovoltaics panels, charging points for electrical mobility or storage systems that the Energy Transition encourages, as well as the use of electricity in general, making electrical safety an essential pre-requisite.

It is why FEEDS strongly recommend the implementation of regular inspection regimes. It is a proven solution: Japan has 24 times less electrical fires per dwelling than in the EU thanks to an electrical domestic inspection regime which is mandatory every 4 years.

FEEDS rating of existing preventive measure: unlike other fire sources, electrical sources can be prevented by technical measures, inspection regimes are key