International Energy Poverty Action Week 2023

FEEDS was partner of IEPAW 2023 (20th – 24th February) and spoke at the main programme and satellite events.

International Energy Poverty Action Week (IEPAW) is a grassroots event that was founded in 2021 out of the University of Manchester, UK, and the POWERTY project, and put together by a dedicated team of individuals, organisations and partners.

IEPAW Day 1 (20th Feb): “Energy Poverty and Health: How are they related?”

Opening Keynote: Theresa Griffin (FEEDS Chair)

Right to Energy Forum 2023 Day 1 (21st Feb): “Winter reflections”

Speaker: Theresa Griffin (FEEDS Chair)

See the full recording here:

Right to Energy Forum 2023 Day 3 (23rd Feb): “Mobilising around housing, health and decarbonisation”

Speaker: Olivier Tissot (Coordinator of the FEEDS secretariat) presented the “Energy Poverty and Fire Risk” report

See the full recording here: