FEEDS welcomes European Parliament position on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

On March 14th, the European Parliament adopted its position on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). FEEDS welcomes the report as a key opportunity to ensure safer buildings of tomorrow. In particular, the report accounts for electrical safety which will contribute to upgrade electrical installations knowing that half of the European building stock has osbsolete electrical installations.

FEEDS point out the attention on Recital 35c which illustrates its main ask:
Member States should develop national electrical inspections regimes in light of the fact that a high percentage of the domestic and accidental domestic fires have an electrical source and in order to ensure that electrical installations are safe and ready for new uses aiming to achieve zero-emissions buildings.

And also:

Consideration of electrical installations as Technical Building System (Art. 2, part. 6)
Mention of electrical safety in the context of the Renovation Passport (Article 10, part. 3F) and information to be delivered by Member States (Article 26, part. 1)
Fire safety of solar energy installations in buildings (Article 9a, part. 9)
Guidelines for fire safety in roofed car parks (Article 12 part. 8)