An original campaign in Australia to deliver life-saving electrical safety messages for kids and their families

In Queensland, Australia, one in every six of serious domestic electrical incidents relates to children. Children often struggle to understand the dangers of electricity because they are naturally curious and tend to explore their environment without fully understanding the consequences of their actions.

Children should be taught how to properly handle electrical devices and appliances from an early age, i.e. including charging overnight or heat dispersion. This includes teaching them about the dangers of electrical outlets, cords, toys and mobile devices, and how to charge them safely during night.

One effective way of promoting electrical safety is by sharing best practices. By sharing knowledge and experience, we can prevent electrical accidents and keep our children safe. Excellent example of electrical safety campaign aimed at children is conducted by the government of Queensland. Partnering with a popular Sydney musical group, the Wiggles, the campaign has been developed to deliver life-saving electrical safety messages to under 15-year olds as well as their parents.

Simple and fun messages, often through songs, show how electricity, although invisible, can be dangerous. For some great fun examples and catchy lyrics see: 

Sharing best practices without doubt can help to promote a culture of safety. When we share information, but especially experiences and knowledge about electrical safety, we create a network of people who are committed to keeping children safe. This can lead to more awareness and better safety practices in homes, schools, and other environments where children are present.

In conclusion, sharing some great examples, especially if it is done in such a fun way, is crucial in promoting electrical safety for children and adults. By sharing our experiences and building up awareness of electrical safety, we can prevent accidents and keep our children safe.