On the occasion of the European Fire Safety Week and its workshop on “Electrical Safety and deployment of heat pumps, photovoltaic panels and charging points in buildings”, FEEDS releases the first Safe Electrification Check Lists which aim to provide the installer and the user with essential information regarding the electrical safety of the installation.

FEEDS reflected on what would be relevant at European level about safe electrification. The future legislations reinforce the uses of electricity and FEEDS want to make sure that electrical safety is met when adding a new electrical load on domestic installations, like a heat pump, solar photovoltaic panels, charging point or domestic batteries.

Standards, national regulations and recommendations are already existing and are key for a safe installation in respect of the state of the art and FEEDS goal is rather to attract specifically the attention on domestic electrical safety. To do so, we have prepared a series of documents establishing a check list for the client and for the installer to guide them on essential points regarding electrical safety.

The check lists are not substituting the standards, national regulations and recommendations, they focus on the elements that need the most attention in terms of electrical safety.

To learn more, look at the first Electrical Safety Check Lists:

And more to come!

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